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3 Cs


Building a team takes a lot of work. Time. Patience. Effort. As we incorporate our 4 Ps, patience, planning, practice and perseverance, we also add to that our 3 Cs, communication, compromise and care. 
In starting a new semester, we have added more members to our team! With that comes great excitement and anticipation as well as some inevitable challenges. With growth, comes adjustment and re-learning, and we found that our three Cs are more important than ever. 
In setting up our team to succeed in different situations, we believe that repetition, time, understanding, and empathy are imperative. Through teamwork challenges, we stretch our team to simulate situations reflective of what they might face in the world beyond school. As we think through how to create a space in which our team can be challenged and grow in their communication, compromise, and care for each other, Seth Godin summed it up well, yet again.
"It's all a mistake

 ...until it works.

That's what innovation is. Mistakes, experiments, mis-steps.

Until it works.

The process isn't to avoid the things that don't work. Because that means avoiding the things that might not work...

Instead, our job is to eagerly embrace the mistakes on the road to the impact that we seek."

Oftentimes we tend to think innovation has to do solely with your hands through tangibly building. This aspect of our curriculum is very present, especially now as our team is starting a Design and Build Quest in which they will brainstorm, develop, and build a product to be sold in the community. More on that to come! However, we believe that innovation goes beyond the realm of character developing and community creation. We are intentionally striving to create a community that supports and embraces the uniqueness of each member. Like any rapid prototype or product creation, it takes time. Repetition. And a refocus on the 3 Cs. In creating and innovating, we constantly focus on impact and the possibility to improve and change our surroundings in a positive way. In combining our 4 Ps and 3 Cs, our teammates turn these words into actions. As they continue to discover their paths and what impact means to them, they must take on these challenging questions.  Does effort reflect impact? How does impact make change happen? Can you predict whether impact has a positive or negative effect? And finally, what is the impact I seek? 

We wait in anticipation to see how their actions and voice will change and shape our identity in this city.

Until then...onward to stronger more empathetic innovative communities!

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