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Year two

People often tell you that the hardest year of a new school is the second one. The reasons behind that vary and are numerous, but I think there is something to that idea. 

Year one is full of new. Everything about what you are doing is for the first time. You don't get the first year back. Year one for NOLA Micro Schools was fun. Exciting. Full of mistakes and growth. The beauty of year one is that it has a special sacredness to it.

But, if you stop at year one, you are missing out on so much potential. You are selling yourself and everything your team has built short.

Year one for NOLA Micro Schools began with 8 teammates. By October we had 10. In January we added 4 more. Our location was inside the Idiya Makerspace, allowing our team to see passionate people pursuing their craft while learning themselves how to use 3D printers and laser cutters. We began the relationship building for future internships and apprenticeships.

Year two we are thrilled to be located inside the Dryades Public Market. We have spent a lot of time walking the neighborhood and the street Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. in order to get to know the businesses that surround us. We talk a lot about first hand real-world experiences, and we are excited about the possibilities of our teammates securing internships and apprenticeships with our new community.

Year two we are beginning strong with a core group of 26 teammates, grades 2nd through 7th. As we have started the year, we are working diligently to build community and culture. Our team is actively determining what core values matter most to them, what accountability they value and what motivates them to reach their goals and their full potential.

As we build our team, I look forward to seeing what this year brings. In one short week, they have already begun to create a tone and culture that is necessary to setting us up well for this year. We will soon be dividing up our studio into middle school and elementary school groups, and as we do, we will be grateful for this time of team building as a whole. 

Our year question is: Who Is Responsible for Community? I look forward to seeing how our teammates grapple with this question, seek out answers and figure out how to learn to be in our community both locally and abroad.

Here's to year two. Bring it on, for the possibilities are limitless, when you empower kids to realize they have the potential to change the world!

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