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City Park Pop Up Classroom

June 24, 2015

Tonight, we hosted another Pop Up classroom. We thoroughly enjoy these, because it allows us to get face to face time with kids while putting to practice various aspects of our curriculum. At this Pop Up, we focused on the question: What is more important, sight or sound? Our students went through a series of pictures of advertisements. Some had pictures without words. Some simply words, like Got milk? Then we discussed what it would be like to see these without hearing them. Further, what if we couldn't see them, but we could hear the words being read? We had a Socratic discussion about what students felt was more important regarding those two key senses. Students discovered things like how hearing impaired people tend to have amazingly keen visual senses. Students then guided each other through an obstacle course using only sounds. Then, they repeated the activity in a few different ways, causing them to rely on their team. The community that they created in the short time of such a challenge was beautiful to see. They not only were able to take away a gratitude for what they had, even greater was the appreciation they gained for those who need accommodations for these two senses in particular.
We held this Pop Up at City Park close to Morning Call and the playground. The great thing about that location was the foot traffic that we attracted. At one point we had 8 different kids from the park joining in with us. We had kids from 6-11 years old, diverse in schooling experiences as well as ethnicity, coming together for the first time and making progress in challenging quests as well as participating in discussions with one another. This is how change will take place in our world. When you bring together a diverse group of kids in a supportive environment, give them a challenge that encourages them to collaborate and providing them with the encouragement and support they need to take a risk. To meet a new friend. To voice an opinion. To empathetically relate to those around them. They are all truly gifted with the potential to change the world! Let us keep helping them realize that fact, and then connecting them in ways that makes that change happen.
Thank you to all of the amazing kids and parents that joined us today! The rain did not deter our families, and we are so proud of the advertisements our students created. Some used words. Some used strictly visuals. Some combined the two. Let's continue to bring all of their creative ideas together, for we are stronger as a community.
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