On Monday, I announced the winning team for the Quest. The teams were excited to hear the results which lead to great momentum at the beginning of the week.

The teammates spent quality time on their passions this week. They were excited to encourage and assist each other during this process. I watched the teammates help write a script and volunteer to make a movie. Some of the teammates are researching how they can use their passion to help others gain a new skill.

Friday was our first trip with LOOP NOLA. Our first trip always focuses on teamwork, self-reflection, and ownership. The team was split into smaller teams to allow them the opportunity to get to know their teammates. One of the components that were echoed throughout the experience is that they want to get to know each other more so that they can share experiences. Their end of trip discussion ended with a moment of reflection about ownership and time management. The teammates handled this conversation with such dignity and even gave each other shout-outs for it.

I am looking forward to our mid-session reset next week when we discuss commitment.

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