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Porous Walls

Community Calls

There are many moments that occur during the course of a month when a guide needs help. Many. There’s always a point when what was originally planned and orchestrated quickly unravels. The moment to be flexible and creative quickly arises; and it is in these moments, our community comes to the rescue.

Parents leading fundraising projects to include our students.

A colleague from Green Coast Enterprises reading with students and listening to their writing.

The staff at Broadmoor Arts and Wellness reserving a space for our students to collaborate.

A local community member to volunteer their time to teach a bilingual yoga class.

Laurel Street Bakery making a run to our studio to drop off a student’s lunch.

A grandparent baking tasty treats to celebrate Ms. Kim’s birthday.

IDIYA staff and local fashion designer providing feedback and input to student projects.

A 4.0 Schools supporter sharing their hero’s journey.

The list goes on…

All these individuals have not only answered our call but have shared their calling.

When we talk about “porous walls” it was something we originally hoped for and merely discussed. Now, in our 8th month of school, we can see the community in our space, and we can see ourselves in the community. As we continue to develop these partnerships we are ever grateful for the many talents, time, and support each member of our community has contributed. These individuals are the many guides and supporters of our team. We would not be here without them.

As our team grows, we look forward to these community partners being more than drop in support. Our middle schoolers will have internships. Eventually, our high schoolers will have apprenticeships. We are in the early stages. We are taking it slow. Making sure that our community partners and our team are mission and vision aligned. We are deeply grateful for community partners that are in it for the long haul. Partners that believe as we do that kids are capable to so much! 

It indeed takes a community.

Thank you so much to you all. 

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