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Essence Festival Day of Service

Teamed up with NOLA Mocha Moms

There's always something powerful about a day of service.  To witness communities, individuals, and families coming together to help others is truly an inspiring experience. Perhaps Essence Festival Day of Service was even more special with the collaboration of individual volunteers from the area joining forces with volunteers from around the country--some from Kenner and the West Bank and others from Miami, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. While many came to celebrate the music of Essence Fest, these individuals also felt called to serve the New Orleans community. Locals came from all walks of life from tour guides, educators, gardeners, real estate brokers, engineers, and organizations like NOLA Mocha Moms.  With them, they brought their families whose children were so excited to participate. Through volunteering side-by-side with the members of NOLA Mocha Moms, one could attest to the strength of these mothers in being advocates for their children and educational opportunities, in addition to their fierce love of community. Working with them and getting to know them truly was an honor.

Multi-age and multi-ethnic collaboration in service through working outside gardening, planting, painting, and building is such a beautiful image to share with our students and future generations. The day was a true reflection of a community with porous walls-- welcoming all to participate, welcoming the transfer of knowledge, and embracing the spirit of service. 

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