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Hurricane Preparedness

NOLA Red Cross

Tonight we were excited to join the New Orleans' Red Cross and their Hurricane and Emergency Preparedness event. As we are now in hurricane season and coming up on the 10th anniversary of Katrina, it was pivotal to have a refresher course on being prepared for potential evacuations and emergency check points. Not only were we reminded of checking our smoke detectors, practicing our fire drill and escape plans at home, we were also made aware of what needs to be in our disaster supply kits. Our group was made up of students, faculty and community members, and we all walked away learning new things. The presentation included various clips of disaster relief stories, both of rescue and of loss, as well as hands-on information packets that allowed us to make sure we are as organized as we can be for these challenging scenarios. As much as we hope to never has a repeat of a situation like Katrina, we also recognize the importance of being prepared for the unknown. Our students were able to create and decorate their own Pillowcase Project where they learned how to pack their own pillowcase full of necessities and valuables. Additionally, we were thrilled to learn that the NOLA Fire Department provides and installs smoke detectors for free! We cannot wait to team up with the Red Cross as school is in session so that our school community is as prepared as we can be! 
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