We had a monumental week! Our students have been working hard thinking through their student contract and values that mean something to them as a team. We have discussed a lot of different ideas, we have prototyped what they look like in our studio space and we have narrowed down our list to the things our team found as most important. On Tuesday, we all took turns signing our contract. This demonstrates to each member of our team that we are committing to each other and our year together. This is something that our entire class took very seriously, and it was great to see the growth of this document from the beginning to the signing date. 
After we had this big day, we moved into our first quest. Our students are now learning how to navigate themselves through our Nesting Quest, allowing us to see where they are in different core skills areas. They visit different islands such as Reader's Island, Count Island, Matchland and the Isles of Many Shapes. Once students are ready to travel independently, they get to choose where they go, when they go there and how much time they will spend mastering that particular location. They first do their work independently, then show a buddy and then show them to the guides. They got their own passports and travel suitcases to take with them to each location. Already they have their favorite locations, and they are doing a combination of traveling with a team and traveling independently. 
We have watched our students go through a series of emotions as they are building their team, and I have appreciated their leadership as they are learning how to hold each other accountable and realize their potential. We are excited and honored to be a part of such a team!
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