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Parent Info Session

Rosa Keller Community Center and Library

We continue to love the Rosa Keller Library! They are incredibly encouraging and welcoming, and this time, they event helped us advertise our event! The summer is a challenging time to set up a lot of events, particularly for parents. As we continue to strategize recruitment and connecting with a broader network of families, educators, community members and kids, we realize that we are asking a lot of people to join us for a weeknight event. We are so thankful for the people that joined us at this info session! We had the opportunity to engage in great conversation and learn more about what parents in New Orleans are really looking for when it comes to schools for their children. We look forward to building long term relationships with organizations like the New Orleans Public Library that will last for years. We look forward to our students going in to various community centers and learning from what they have to offer as well. Thank you to the New Orleans Public Library for supporting us and providing a network of connections.
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