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Recharge and Refocus

There is a reason why schools take breaks throughout the year. Everyone needs them. When our team works diligently on their challenge zones goals, they need time to step back and get the recharge that can come from a break. 


As our team came back from Thanksgiving break, we started our week off discussing what is gained during a break. On Monday our huddle concluded with a discussion around this question:


Do you feel that the Thanksgiving break disrupted your work-flow or was a good break for you to recharge to focus better now? 


"I didn't do any work over the break! I felt like I left last week in a good place for our exhibition, and I needed to recharge."


"I worked on some of my experiments over the break, because I wanted to get a jump start on this week. I felt like I had good momentum before the break, and I didn't want to lose it."


"I practiced my foreign language because I really think it is fun."


"I went out of town with my family and learned some cool things that I will add to my prediction quest."


As our team shared their thoughts on this question, they began to comment on the fact that we are in the "sprint" phase countdown to our first Exhibition! When they reflected on what they did over the break, regardless of whether they continued on their quest project or left it all behind, they had their game faces on setting their goals for the next few weeks. We had check ins with each set of running partners and talked through their big rock goal for the rest of the semester and their daily short term goals in order to reach them.


Later in the week, we shifted our discussion to the following question:


Is it better to complete the 7 challenges you need in order to participate in Exhibition or to complete 6 that you are confident are your best work and not participate in the Exhibition?


Responses varied, but the overwhelming commonality was this: If we all present or not, we will all participate! They commented on the hard work of each teammate, and they reminded us to praise effort over product.


Our community exhibition is coming soon, and I don't know what to expect. However, I know that our teammates will be the creators, innovators, researchers and personalities behind it. If you attend, and I recommend you do, I encourage you to ask them challenging questions about their processes, their effort, their goals, and expect them to be honest. I predict it to be an event to remember...

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