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Rhythm. Flow. Groove.

At this point in our school year, our team has been working diligently to set goals for themselves and track their progress. As they assess their goals they have reflected upon the factors that add to or hinder the achievement of their goals. For some it is distractions. For others it is lack of focus. For some it is lack of interest. In thinking through how we, as guides, will address this we decided not only to make it fun, but to make it relatable to our team. 
Pulling from our team's passion for dance and music, we spent the week talking about finding their rhythm and groove. Quite fitting for this NOLA crew! 
We listened to jazz, reggae, R&B, and groove metal. As the music played students responded to the music through bobbing their heads, dancing around the huddle carpet, and clapping their hands. As they talked about rhythm and groove in music, they reflected on how they find their flow in doing their work. Some mentioned quiet time, music, and encouragement from their teammates. Some mentioned setting their goals.
We spent another huddle examining the flow of water and thinking through the disruptions that a stream or river comes across and how we deal with these disruptions in our flow.  
One of our most interactive huddles this week was when we received a visit from Mr. Casey who shared his love of music while also teaching a quick trumpet lesson! The room was filled with the sounds of New Orleans second line music, movement, and laughter. Mr. Casey reminded our team that rhythm is everywhere and helps our world stay in order. 
Throughout this week, the team reflected on many different questions concerning their flow:

Is it better to find an individual rhythm that works for you or a rhythm that works for the group?

Do you create your rhythm? Is rhythm inspired or created? What allows you to be in flow?

As they discussed this, they worked very hard to find their flow this week. One thing they voted on was quiet time during different parts of the day to see if that set them up for greater success and focus during their independent work. Others suggested that music allowed them to stay in focus and tune out distractions.

As I watched them in flow working independently on their challenges, I heard them shout out loud as they completed a goal. 

"I did it!"



Finding flow and rhythm is a new challenge each day and the variables of life play a role. However, for our team, we are striving to work diligently to set each other up for the greatest success each day, and to have a little fun in the process!

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