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The Purpose of a Pop-Up

Throughout the past year we have been hosting Pop-Up classrooms with different themes that allow us to see how students respond to aspects of our curriculum. The goal in each of these is to provide both us and the students who attend with the opportunity to try something new and then give feedback that allows us to improve. 
Saturday, we had an amazing Pop-Up classroom that brought our community and our city together in a new way. We were thankful to our host location, LD Linens and Decor on Magazine Street for welcoming us into their space! This was the first time we had been in a retail space for a Pop-Up classroom, and it allowed us to see what it would be like to partner with this type of space for an event. 
Additionally, we were able to see the Enriched Schools team in action! Part of our commitment to our students is to provide highly passionate people to lead them in their enrichment classes. We have been watching different organizations who have such staff members, and this event showcased one of the Enriched Schools teachers. The lesson was geared toward science and art, and students were able to have multiple ways of interacting with the material. Students figured out how to take ice to liquid form by whatever means they thought would be best. Some used lightbulbs.  Others friction in their hands. One group even put the ice cube in one students' mouth! 
Our creative students for this day included 10 students from 10 different schools! We had charter school students, private school students and home school students join us. A humbling aspect about all of these students and families that came out on a Saturday morning in the summer is the support and encouragement they provided to us and our endeavor at NOLA Micro Schools. We continue to appreciate the effort made by parents and students and the time we get to know them all better!
Feedback, as you all know by now, is incredibly important to us at NOLA Micro Schools, and after each Pop-Up classroom we have our students fill out feedback surveys from the event. After this event, students commented on how they liked watching the various forms of matter change. They also said they would have liked to write less! One of our favorite comments was a student who said, "I really liked getting to meet other kids that go to different schools and learning and working together."
As we continue to build our community, we look forward to more collaborations like these Pop-Ups have provided. Bringing in families from across the city, working with organizations (like Enriched Schools) who are passionate about innovative education and teaming up with local professionals (like LD Linens and Decor) is what helps our students see how important community is! This also allows them to begin to build relationships with each other and our city. That is how they will make change take place, working with others and being innovative in how they approach learning new things with new people. 
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